Hazel Bond is a Nutritional Consultant & qualified with both the South African College of Complementary Therapies, as well as the International Therapy Examination Council (I.T.E.C.) in England. Hazel also certified as a Level 1 & Level 2 TRE Provider (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises). She offers Nutritional Consulting & TRE sessions locally and online. In more recent years she has been using wellness centres in different areas of Durban and surrounds on an ad hoc basis. Her services are offered in Durban North, Gillitts and Hillcrest. Hazel previously owned a franchise called House of Health in Umhlanga Rocks, Durban, South Africa for 8 years after which she opened up a nutritional and TRE consulting office in Durban North for 3 years. Hazel provided nutritional & dietary advice when she was involved in a once-weekly support group for adults with ADD/ADHD for 2 years. Hazel is on the Professional Advisory Board of the Nutrineeds Nutritional Consultants, assisting in the compilation of numerous comprehensive programs for specific health conditions.

The natural products offered on the Shop of Health For You have been carefully selected from South African manufacturers using natural African plant extracts and in some cases, essential oils, known to be beneficial for your health. Unless a product is specified as being 'certified organic', take it to be a product which has been manufactured by a company who have been as careful as possible to source the most natural ingredients available. When companies wish to ceritify their products as organic, they have to go through a lengthy and very expensive legal procedure with each and every product in their range before they are allowed to label their product range and marketing material as 'certified organic'. Therefore, as much as I would loved to have only kept certified organic ranges on this site, I have been continually writing to many manufacturing concerns since October 2015 to ask this very question for my new and updated Health For You website and online shop. Certified Organic health and body care ranges in South Africa are few and far between up to the present, who have been able to achieve this accreditation.

It is the objective of Health For You,to continue to search for the best health and body care ranges who use our local resources in the rich African plant kingdoms in sustainable ways, while providing incomes to those employed in making these high quality products. In this way we all benefit - so keep watching this space for new and exciting natural products!

Enjoy Health For You which will be keeping you up-to-date with the latest health-related news in all it's forms - exercise, articles, video clips, recipes, book reviews and more. Thank you for your support and interest!

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